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Toddler Yoga a great way to keep your little ones active on those days you just can't make it outside| indiasroses.com

My daughter loves to watch me do yoga and try out the different poses, but eventually, usually after a few moments she gets bored with it and would rather use my strange positioning as a jungle gym. Shortly after she started doing this I found the most wonderful Yoga channel on Youtube. It’s called Cosmic Kids Yoga and it’s absolutely fantastic! The instructor Jamie, is a wonderfully cool blend of Mary Poppins and that perfectly balanced “yoga” frame of mind. She’s keeps the sessions fun and exciting while working real yoga poses into the stories and giving tips on posture and positioning. My daughter loves it, and honestly so do I.

Did you know showing gratitude increases happniess? | indiasroses.com

I watched this video on gratitude and happiness the other day and it inspired me to write this series. The world and the internet are full of so many things that are supposed to make you happier, or improve your bad days, but before this moment and watching this clip I never realized that there was one thing, that no matter how sad, lonely, depressed or just plain bad you feel can always lift your mood, and you don’t even have to be unhappy to get an extra little healthy boost of happy from it. It’s called Gratitude.

I have the words Be Grateful tattooed across the inside of my right wrist and I always thought of them as a reminder to appreciate the things I have and remember that life is a blessing no matter how messy or confused it can get, but if I’m being honest I had never thought of being grateful and showing gratitude as one in the same. Yes I knew I meant to appreciate my life, my home, and my family, but until now I didn’t realize that what was missing from my philosophy was not only feeling grateful, but showing gratitude to those I am grateful for.

So today I write a letter to someone special, someone who means so much to my life and hopefully next week I’ll write another and so on, I may skip a week or not get around to it as often as I should, but I would like to continue on with this Gratitude Series and show all the people who mean so much to me that they hold such a special place in my heart.

Here goes…


To my Older Sister,

I can not muster a memory from my childhood that doesn’t have you in it. You never came into my life like some people do, I was born into yours, and with the seven year age difference I was well aware of the fact that sometimes to you I was small and annoying, but that never stopped you from making my life special, from taking time out of your busy existence to make my childhood both wonderful and magical. I remember hearing sleigh bells on Christmas Eve and waking up to special presents slipped onto my pillow while I was sleeping. Once you transported me to an African Safari full of wild animals and elephants. We had Koosh wars, and whip cream fights and despite occasionally shutting me out, my whole life I have been confident that no matter what you would always let me back in.

When I was a teenager you were my rock. No matter the time, or the day, or what you were doing you always had the time to listen to me if I needed to talk or you’d drop everything to pick me up when things weren’t going so smoothly at home. You treated me like we were equal and told me about things no one else would.

There have been few moments that I have truly felt like I was being there for you and as much as life has thrown your way you always seem to stand tall despite it. You are the strongest person I know. Out of everyone, and though I know you have your bad days and your rough moments you always look for a positive spin and pull yourself back up and find the beauty in the world and the people around you.

You have been an invaluable influence on my life and I could not and would not have the happiness that I have today if you weren’t my sister.

I love you,



DIY Tea Cup Candles

DIY Tea Cup Candles | indiasroses.com

If you follow my blog regularly you will now have noticed that this week has been very project oriented and every post has been some sort of DIY. I’ve been feeling very inspired in our new home and I’m just having a lot of fun creating and embracing the new space and really making it feel like our own.

A little while back I made teacup candles which are an inexpensive and fairly easy item to create. I picked up the tea cups I used at the local thrift store for .10 cents a piece and you can buy wax from the craft store or melt down candles from the dollar store or if you save old candles you can melt them down and make something new. Continue Reading »

Making Contemporary Art with Children | indiasroses.com

My daughter loves to do art projects and I love to do art projects with her so I’m always looking for ways to help her make art that can be easily displayed and add to the eclectic charm of our home. We’ve been doing a lot of painting lately and she just loves making hand prints, which is where I got the inspiration for this sophisticated, Contemporary Black, White and Red hand print painting and the best thing about it is it’s a wonderful project for all ages! Continue Reading »

How To Make Beautiful Orange-Clove Pomanders That Will Have Your Whole House Smelling Like Autumn | indiasroses.com

With the Autumnal Equinox right behind us and the promise of cool crisp days full of showers and the ever changing rainbow of Autumn leaves in our future it was most certainly time to embrace the season and bring a bit of Fall festivity into our home. As a child growing up off the grid we often spend time doing hand crafts and I think my Mom always took advantage of anything that would sit us down at the table and keep us occupied for a long while. I remember making clove oranges every holiday season my entire life. I’d sit down at the table with my brother and sister and we’d spend an afternoon covering every inch of orange with whole cloves. It smelled amazing and by the end of the afternoon we were sticky with citrus juice and rich with the smell of spice. Continue Reading »

Autumn on the Pond

Fall on the Pond | indiasrose.com

Autumn is coming. Slowly but surely the days are getting shorter and the air begins to grow cool. Rain in the forecast and apples ripening on trees. My favorite time of year.

Potty training regression and giving your little ones grace | indiasroses.com

If you’ve ever read anything about potty training regression you know that the number one and number two biggest reasons for increased accidents and disinterest in the toilet are moving to a new home and having a pregnant Mom or a new sibling.

So basically a month ago when I was stressing out about escrow and our routine had gone to crap and moving was imminent and pregnancy was taking over it is no wonder that my daughter stopped having ANY interest in using the potty. I mean in a world where Mommy is stressed, Daddy is stressed that Mommy is stressed and you’re two and half and unable to control much of anything, why wouldn’t you take control of the one thing that you can and flat out refuse to use the potty? I mean is there really any other option?

So here we are back in diapers, and not the frugal, earth friendly cloth kind like we used to use, no, the landfill filling, .50cents a pop kind with unicorns on the front and magical stars that disappear when you pee in them kind. Because today when I put her in a cloth diaper she waddled around for a few minutes, told me it was too big, that it hurt and she really didn’t like it, but again what could I expect? When you don’t wear cloth diapers for 6 months it’s inevitable that you forget how to exist comfortably with the cloth diaper bulge and bubble butt.

But the truth is, it’s all completely normal. I think half the reason I’m writing this particular post is to remind myself that it is in fact incredibly normal for potty learned toddlers to have regression even without monumentally life changing events. So really all in all we’re lucky that a little pee on the floor is the worst of our whole moving/family expanding venture.

So I will give her grace, and I will look at the big picture and take the time to see that she needs normalcy restored to her world before we can move forward with anything else, and to create that for her I will take the time to make this house a home as quickly as I am able, and I will put aside my “to dos” and have diner ready at the normal time, and keep an eye on the clock so that our bedtime rituals are consistent, and most of all I will love her with everything I have, because while this has all been very stressful for me it has been more so for her because she can’t grasp the big picture, or the reasons for Mommy being grumpy, she only knows that things aren’t “right” or the “same” and needs me to be there for her as we work towards our new normal.

And may I just add I am completely aware that when the baby actually arrives all of this will once again become a whirl wind of late diners, and missed baths, but all I can do is give her one day at a time and when the baby does come we’ll have a better foundation to work back to.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to ask questions or leave comments


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