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This week we took a field trip to an educational farm. It was a lovely experience full of flowers and vegetables, SweetPea even got to feed the chickens greens which she thought was a lot of fun. We harvested beans and made a musical instrument out of them, plus we learned that you can use plants from the garden to draw on paper just like crayons. (more…)

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Yep, you read correctly, I wash my face with oil and it’s one of the best natural beauty remedies I have ever tried!

A few weeks ago I decided to go No-Poo and after a daunting and greasy first week I have experience wonderful, luscious, happy hair that only needs to be “washes” about every 6 days, but giving up shampoo wasn’t enough. I wanted more, I wanted to trade out any product I could for a more natural way of self maintenance and that’s when I stumbled across the SimpleMom post on Oil Face Wash.

After reading all about it I learned that you can cleanse your face with natural oils instead of stripping it with harsh soaps, and surprisingly enough it doesn’t make your skin greasy at all, in fact it left my skin feeling perfectly balance and I no longer have any need for a moisturizer!!!

It’s super easy too. All you do is gentle massage your oil of choice into the skin on your face, followed up with a hot damp towel to open your pores, then you just use the towel to gentle remove the oil and there you have it, wonderful clean skin with a product that you most likely keep in your kitchen. If you read the article on SimpleMom it has advice on how to mix oils to make the perfect blend for your skin type.

Just like any other change in facial routine switching to oil is first going to make your skin break out as it draws any impurities to the surface, but after a week or two I started to really notice clearer skin with a large downsizing in blackheads, and I haven’t gotten a new blemish in a week!


Thanks so much for reading!

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Cloth diapering is a theory that I came around to skeptically. I just didn’t want to do it. It sounded gross and like a whole lot of extra work, and I just wasn’t interested, but after some research(on my part) and persistence(on my husbands part) I eventually came around to it and I’m so happy I did.

There is no one tried and true formula for cloth diapering. You just kind of have to do what works best for you and for your family and after some trial, error and a little careful tweaking you’re bound to come up with a mix that’s just perfect for you, your baby and your lifestyle.

So today I share with you our family’s cloth diapering recipe.

First let’s start with the ingredients. Everything you need to cloth diaper the India’s Roses way!


  1. *18 FuzzyBunz One Size Pocket diaper (comes with 2 cloth inserts per diaper) I’ve also had success with Go Green Pocket Diapers which are much cheaper
  2. *36 Prefolds(Infant size 7-20lbs)
  3. *5-30 cloth wipes (depending on how often your baby poops)
  4. Biodegradable laundry detergent
  5. Borax
  6. Diaper Bucket(we use a trash can with a removable bucket like you might use in your kitchen)
  7. Air Deodorizer (to hang on lid of diaper bucket)
  8. Wet Bag (optional for when you don’t want to take the diaper all the way to the bucket)

Start by properly adjusting your one size diaper for your baby’s weight and size.

Lay the diaper flat (fuzzy side up) and place a prefold folded into thirds or two cloth inserts on top of the **diaper cover and fasten it to your baby.

If your baby pees in the diaper simple remove the soiled prefold or insert and replace it with a new one, and fasten the diaper right back on your baby. When the diaper cover becomes wet from a few usings replace it with a clean cover. (By using the same cover more than once we are able to save money and water by not using as many diapers.) When our daughter pees we don’t worry about using a dampened wipe which helps us avoid chapping from being wiped down to many times. I also believe it’s good to leave as many of the natural oils on the skin as possible to help prevent diaper rash.

In the case of poop start by wetting 3-4 cloth wipes before you even remove the diaper. Take off the diaper clean your baby up with the wipes and secure a fresh cover and filling. Rinse the poop from the diaper and add to your bucket. Now I’ve found that when the poop is big the diaper leaks, but from watching my friends who use disposables on their children, this is true of ALL diapers, and at least with cloth you’re already washing poop things and you can just throw the soiled pants right in with the diapers.

For diaper washing we use laundry detergent (a little less than recommended for load size) and ½ cup Borax for the first wash cycle followed by a second full wash cycle with another ½ cup Borax and no detergent. You can either dry your prefolds and inserts in the dryer or on a clothesline, but I recommend line drying your covers so as to avoid accidentally melting them on the high dryer setting you will most likely use for everything else.

This system works wonderfully for us, and though we did have to fork out a few hundred dollars to get ourselves started, but we don’t have to continue to spend money on ***diapers which is so wonderful. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments and I will be happy to answer them.

*Adjust depending on how often you want to do laundry; we do laundry about every 3rd day.

**We use FuzzyBunz instead of just regular diaper covers because I’ve found that the extra fleece lining prevent leaks when it comes to heavy wetting.

*** We do use Earth Best and Seventh Generation disposables when we travel because you never know when you’re going to have a washing machine to use, and I found carrying around a big bag of dirty diapers in a hot car to be a little more than I could handle.

Thanks so much for reading!

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This summer has really got me thinking about global warming and the affect humans have on the earth. Normally at this time of year I’d be outside in the baking sun working on my tan and swimming in the river, but instead I’ve found myself wondering if the sun will ever come out and if the rain will continue to fall right through September and back into the fall. It’s not just the summer that’s got me thinking. Over the years of growing up in Northern California I’ve noticed a lot of change in winter as well. Ten years ago I would wait all winter just hoping for snow which rarely fell bellow the 1,500 feet elevation we lived at, but over the last few years and this year in particular it’s snowed several times a year instead of not at all, including a small unexpected snow flurry in late May.

Before becoming pregnant I could have cared less about global warming and the state of the earth. I was aware of these things humans were doing to endanger the planet we lived on, but I didn’t really feel like there was anything I could do because I was only one person so I didn’t do anything, but then my husband and I created a life, a life that was growing inside me every day coming closer to being a living, breathing part of this worlds, and I began to wonder just what type of world it was that I was leaving her.

It all started one afternoon when my husband came home from work and mentioned that a coworker and his wife used cloth diapers on their daughter and that it sounded like a great idea. I rolled my eyes and informed him that if he wanted to be in charge of washing dirty diapers and scraping poop into the toilet he was more than welcome to choose the diapering style for our yet to be born child, but I would not be going through all that extra hassle.

But being the curious person that I am I couldn’t leave it at that. I had to find out more. So I set my browser for google and searched cloth diapers. I was prepared to find what I think most people who know nothing about cloth diapering are prepared to find, a bunch of nonsense about flat white pieces of cloth, diaper pins and the dreaded plastic pants…

Oh how incredible wrong I was.

I was immediately transported into a new world, full of diapering concepts I had never fathomed. There were All in One (AIO) diapers that were the equivalent of a disposable diaper that you could just wash, there were diaper covers in every color of the rainbow, and not the nasty plastic pant kind of my childhood either, these were high tech with snaps and Velcro, and they were made from fabrics that didn’t crinkle when you touched them. The possibilities were endless and the online pro cloth diapering community was HUGE. I read blog after blog written by mothers just like me about their experiences with cloth diapers and how much they loved them. I learned tricks and tips to keep your diapers fresh and found a handy sprayer (like the one on a kitchen sink) that attached right into the plumbing behind the toilet and allowed you to spray poop right into the bowl and flush it away. Amazing.

I was convinced and over the next few months I ordered enough supplies to keep my unborn baby’s bottom covered until she was old enough to stay dry. After she was born through a little bit of trial and error we found the best system for us and cloth diapering has gone wonderfully all 6 of the months she’s been alive. (Check back for a post on our cloth diapering system)

And from the day I ordered my first cloth diaper I realized that besides being cheaper, cuter, chemical free and softer against my baby’s skin, cloth diapers were as an added bonus better for the environment and by choosing to use them we were keeping something like 5,000 disposable diapers out of a landfill, and preventing the need to produce the chemicals and pollution caused by the manufacturing every one of them.

After the birth of my daughter and as she grows before my eyes I’ve realized that I am not just one person, as a wife and a mother capable of influencing the people in my home I am really three people and that by making better, wiser decision for my family and promoting environmental responsibility in my own home I am raising my daughter to believe that this is the way you live and that minimizing your negative impact on the world is what you should be trying to do everyday. So with these thoughts our adventure has started and we begin to find the best ways to live “Green” as a family in hopes that one day through the inspiration of us and our children others will choose a more environmentally friendly path for themselves and continue to share what we have learned until we’ve made a real difference.

And though the steps may be small, like going No-Poo(shampoo free), or choosing a simple household cleaner such as baking soda and vinegar over chemical laden name brand cleaners, I hope that by making enough of them we’re able to make a bigger difference and raise a person who loves and respects the world she lives in enough to take the steps necessary in order to better preserve it.

Plus making the right choices for the environment also turn out to walk hand in hand with the best choices for your health and for your body! Talk about an added bonus!

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to Comment.

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In the shower one day when my husband and I first started dating he told me he didn’t wash his hair “It’s not good to strip it of its natural oils” he told me over my sud covered tresses.  I rolled my eyes and began washing the soap from my hair and in a rather condescending manor told him that he needed to start washing his hair more often, and that the only reason he was saying that was to cover up that he was a boy who lived with three other boys and didn’t like showering let alone using soap once in the shower.

A little over two years later I am eating every word…

I was inspired by Genevieve over at Uniquely Normal Mom and her post about her 2 Year Anniversary of not using shampoo, or No Poo-iversary as she so cleverly calls it.

Could it really be possible that someone could unconventionally wash there hair once a week and have softer, healthier, more volumized hair? Could that really be? Have the shampoo companies lied to me all these years telling me how wonderful their products are for my hair, and how I “need” them to have wonderful, shiny, beautiful hair?

Most Likely.

So as of today I am going No-Poo, which means this:

I will not shampoo or condition my hair.

Instead I will use baking soda, vinegar and a little lemon or lavender essential oils once a week and nothing else… except water of course!

So today I mixed 1 tablespoon of baking soda with about 1cup of water and worked it through my shower wet hair and rinsed. Then I mixed 1 tablespoon of vinegar with about a cup of water and a drop or two of essential oils and worked that through my hair, leaving it in while I lathered up my body and then rinsing my hair when I was done, and I must say…

My hair feels WONDERFUL! So soft and clean, I know that I have greasy days ahead of me as my hair and scalp work into their natural rhythm but my goodness, if you’re not going to go No-Poo at least try washing your hair with baking soda and vinegar* because it’s just Divine!

Plus as an added bonus it goes in the Environmentally Responsible category and rids my home of one more nature depleting chemical!

Thanks so much to Genevieve for turning me on to No-Poo!

*Using diluted vinegar will not cause your hair to smell like vinegar, but putting strait vinegar on your hair like I accidentally did the firs time will. Just a heads up.

Thanks so much for reading! Please feel free to comment

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