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Did you know showing gratitude increases happniess? | indiasroses.com

I watched this video on gratitude and happiness the other day and it inspired me to write this series. The world and the internet are full of so many things that are supposed to make you happier, or improve your bad days, but before this moment and watching this clip I never realized that there was one thing, that no matter how sad, lonely, depressed or just plain bad you feel can always lift your mood, and you don’t even have to be unhappy to get an extra little healthy boost of happy from it. It’s called Gratitude.

I have the words Be Grateful tattooed across the inside of my right wrist and I always thought of them as a reminder to appreciate the things I have and remember that life is a blessing no matter how messy or confused it can get, but if I’m being honest I had never thought of being grateful and showing gratitude as one in the same. Yes I knew I meant to appreciate my life, my home, and my family, but until now I didn’t realize that what was missing from my philosophy was not only feeling grateful, but showing gratitude to those I am grateful for.

So today I write a letter to someone special, someone who means so much to my life and hopefully next week I’ll write another and so on, I may skip a week or not get around to it as often as I should, but I would like to continue on with this Gratitude Series and show all the people who mean so much to me that they hold such a special place in my heart.

Here goes…


To my Older Sister,

I can not muster a memory from my childhood that doesn’t have you in it. You never came into my life like some people do, I was born into yours, and with the seven year age difference I was well aware of the fact that sometimes to you I was small and annoying, but that never stopped you from making my life special, from taking time out of your busy existence to make my childhood both wonderful and magical. I remember hearing sleigh bells on Christmas Eve and waking up to special presents slipped onto my pillow while I was sleeping. Once you transported me to an African Safari full of wild animals and elephants. We had Koosh wars, and whip cream fights and despite occasionally shutting me out, my whole life I have been confident that no matter what you would always let me back in.

When I was a teenager you were my rock. No matter the time, or the day, or what you were doing you always had the time to listen to me if I needed to talk or you’d drop everything to pick me up when things weren’t going so smoothly at home. You treated me like we were equal and told me about things no one else would.

There have been few moments that I have truly felt like I was being there for you and as much as life has thrown your way you always seem to stand tall despite it. You are the strongest person I know. Out of everyone, and though I know you have your bad days and your rough moments you always look for a positive spin and pull yourself back up and find the beauty in the world and the people around you.

You have been an invaluable influence on my life and I could not and would not have the happiness that I have today if you weren’t my sister.

I love you,



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In my family we have a little running joke about fairies. For as long as I can remember we’ve all insisted that there are different kinds of fairies that do different kinds of jobs. In my sisters home there’s the ever illusive Coffee Fairy who brews the perfect cup of coffee while you’re sleeping and brings it to you piping hot moments after you wake up. In my Mother’s house there’s the Laundry Fairy, Cleaning Fairy, Dish Fairy, Vacuum Fairy, Lawn Mowing Fairy… The list goes on… and on… and on… and each one is responsible for the task they are thus named after.

In my house we’re big believers in the Dish Fairy and sincerely hope that if we show enough faith and enough persistence that one day they will show themselves and instead of looking at a sink full of dishes in the morning saying “I guess the dish Fairy didn’t come last night (Sigh)” I will be able to happily rejoice over an empty sink and a wiped counter knowing in my heart of hearts that there really are Fairies… and that with all the possible things in the world they could be using their magic for they have chosen to come into my home and wash pasta sauce off Fiesta Ware.

What kind of Fairies do you wish for?

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Fogging out what’s through the glass, I see the window sill at last.


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I hope my life is never without love… Nothing can be felt without Passion… To be Inspired is to understand the reason for living… Follow your Heart… Make Mistakes… Make lots and lots of Mistakes… Remember the things you Love, and do them… Be completely Consumed by a feeling… Give in… There is nothing in your life that you are meant to have that wont come with time… Don’t try so hard to make good things happen… Good things happen on their own… And when you find that one person that makes your world go round, That one person you can’t imagine your life without… Tell them you love them… Tell them you love them every day… Because you’re meant to be happy… And happiness is knowing what you have today… and being grateful you have it…


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Blorps of Green wax lazily drift through a hot water glaze.


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There is a small person living inside of me, changing and growing every day. I’ve never seen more than a fuzzy colorless image of her on an ultrasound screen, her little nose and her little hands; her little heart beating so fast. Such a tiny glimpse into who will soon most certainly become the center of my world.

Yet some how I know her, as if I’ve known her my whole life and just been waiting for our time. My little Sweet Pea, My Daughter, this little girl person made entirely out of Love. I knew she was a girl before she was conceived. My first born was always going to be a girl, and the ultrasounds technicians confirmation was just the recognition of a premonition I’d had years ago.

I wish there was a way to explain her personality, the way she thinks and reacts. How with only a nudge I know what she feels, what she needs. She’s already capable of so much, of so many emotions and it makes me wonder if we will still be so closely linked when she is no longer kept alive by the beating of my heart. Will I still know her then? Will I still understand her wants and desires? I like to think the connection will only deepen, and that being able to share her completely with her father will tighten the already unbreakable bonds of our family.

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I know…. I’m a bad bad Blogger.

But in all fairness I have been practically comatose for the last few months; either that or spending my morning dry heaving over the toilet… happily of course.

Excuses aside…

I’m gonna have to change the header on my blog soon because this Humboldt Girl is heading home… For Good! My Hubby and I have decided that the best thing for us and our little Sweet Pea is to move back to the place I/we love and raise our family Together. So back to the majestic hills of Humboldt we head. Only six more weeks to go.

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