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DIY Tea Cup Candles | indiasroses.com

If you follow my blog regularly you will now have noticed that this week has been very project oriented and every post has been some sort of DIY. I’ve been feeling very inspired in our new home and I’m just having a lot of fun creating and embracing the new space and really making it feel like our own.

A little while back I made teacup candles which are an inexpensive and fairly easy item to create. I picked up the tea cups I used at the local thrift store for .10 cents a piece and you can buy wax from the craft store or melt down candles from the dollar store or if you save old candles you can melt them down and make something new. (more…)

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Tea and Hot Chocolate for two.

I’m a Chilly Foggy Mornings, Freezing Foggy Evenings Humboldt girl through and through.  So there’s nothing I enjoy more than cranking the air conditioner up in my Honolulu home, wrapping myself in a warm blanket, putting in a movie, snuggling up on the couch with something toasty warm to drink, and pretending just for a moment that I’m back home in my parent’s log cabin with my puppies passed out at my feet, and the soothing sounds of the wind and the rain working together as they wash the world clean.


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