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Heart shaped carrots infuse chicken soup with Love | indiasroses.com

Fall is by far my favorite season. I love it when the days start feeling chilly and I can finally break out those sweaters that have been lying dormant in my closet all summer, but not all good things come with chilly weather. Fall means cold/flu season and feeling under the weather is an almost inevitably unavoidable. So when you or a loved one does start to feel a little sick, grab your favorite chicken soup recipe and head on over to Sophistimom for a tutorial on how to add a little extra love to your comfort food with heart shaped carrots. It’s way actually quite easy and makes such a surprise in every bowl.

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Tea and Hot Chocolate for two.

I’m a Chilly Foggy Mornings, Freezing Foggy Evenings Humboldt girl through and through.  So there’s nothing I enjoy more than cranking the air conditioner up in my Honolulu home, wrapping myself in a warm blanket, putting in a movie, snuggling up on the couch with something toasty warm to drink, and pretending just for a moment that I’m back home in my parent’s log cabin with my puppies passed out at my feet, and the soothing sounds of the wind and the rain working together as they wash the world clean.


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