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Wiamea Bay Sands

This week I’ve been fascinated by the oil cleansing method of “washing” your face. For those of you wondering Oil Cleansing is where you use olive oil, castor oil or some mixture of other natural oils to cleanse your face without removing the natural oils that your skin produces. I’ve been trying it for about 5 days now and am planning a post to tell you all about it in a few weeks.


I also read a birth story that brought me to tears. Carricomom over at Dragonfly Homestead wrote a very truthful and raw retelling of her daughter’s birth far from the plan she had envisioned. Let me just warn you that this is a scary story with a happy ending, but if you are pregnant and already feeling nervous about birth I would take caution with reading it.


Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for reading.

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