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I’M BACK!!!! After a 7 month hiatus I have returned to India’s Roses rejuvenated and ready to go!

It’s amazing how even if you decide to take a break life just keeps on going. SweetPea who’s really more of a beautiful Rose these days is 19 months old and counting. We have so much fun together, and that is a huge part of what has inspired me to jump back into blogging. I want to be able to share all the fun activities and adventures we go on every week in hopes that you will be inspired to live your life with the purpose and intention of enjoying, enlightening and being present in your moments whether they are with children, friends, family or on your own. Thank you for being here and stay tuned for new posts coming very SOON!!!

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I recently wrote a post entitled 2,387 Miles where I featured a photo of an airplane through the terminal window of San Francisco International. I got two different responses to this photo. One being that people loved it just as it was, and the second being that people thought it would be a better photo without the little white truck that appears in the middle of the left hand side. So I edited out the little truck, but I want you my readers to decide which photo should be featured in my previous blog.

With Little White Truck                                  Without Little White Truck


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