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The other day while in the grocery store my darling little SweetPea was experimenting with her voice and discovered how to scream. As I pushed my cart through the isles and she perfected her new found screech I realized that I was now “that parent” with “that kid” who wouldn’t stop screaming in the grocery store.

We were out shopping with my Mom and had a few more stops to go before we could head home; One of those stops being our neighborhood craft store. When we arrived my Mom and I split up, SweetPea and I heading off to the yarn section to pick out some festive fall colors for SweetPea’s new pumpkin hat I had planned on knitting her, and my Mom headed off to her own end of the store.

After a few moments SweetPea began so shriek loudly and I returned a smile to a silver haired woman who knowingly looked our way. Usually when my Mother and I are done shopping it takes a while to reconnect and make our way to the check out, but before I could even start to look for her she’d already found us having made her way across the store following the deafening sound of SweetPea’s playful cries.

Thanks to all that noise my little one was making we were able to shave moments off our trip and head on to our next destination.

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