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Dew drops cling to Plumeria blossoms, lining  grasses like little bits of forgotten confetti on the 2nd of May, as the air is warmed with the sweet titillating fragrance of Plumeria. It dances across the wind like thick tendrils of smoke emanating from a burning stick of incense swept up by the currents of a room.

Spring has arrived in Hawaii! My living in a tropical climate has taught me that it takes a little better tuned senses to realize the arrival of a new season. It’s not quite as easy as it used to be back before I found myself on this heat infused island. The first day of spring was always the first day you could go outside without a sweater, the first day you could feel the sun as it warms your skin and intoxicates your very soul with each heat soaked ray. When everything begins to turn green and once again the meadows and forests were alive with the movement of all the little creatures that had been hiding from the cold icy hands of the post autumn freeze.

The first sign of Hawaiian spring was the fledglings, little half feathered baby birds on their first trips out into the world and away from the nest. We were lucky enough to be graced with two little overnight guests roosted on a rock in our back yard after being fed and tucked in for the night by their mother and father, they were left to dream little bird dreams until the morning came and they were called away to hop about the fields in search of mangoes, and early worms.

The second sign of Hawaiian Spring was the flowers. Now don’t get me wrong there are always tons of flowers all year long, but this… this is ridiculous! It’s as if every tree on island has exploded into rainbow colored fireworks covering every branch with blossoms and sprinkling the ground with little fragrant bits of shrapnel.

My time in Hawaii is winding down, less than five months until I’m given the option to choose (my) Humboldt for good. I do miss my home. The place I came from, and all the people (and animals) that make up my family, the cold Gray beaches framed by towering redwoods, the community based cultures and the flower based subcultures, sweltering dry summer days spend splashing in the cool waters of the Eel river, seeing my best friend a hand full of times in a week, the fresh mountain air, and the unforgettable undeniable sense of knowing that this is the place you belong, but all of that aside. I will miss Hawaii, if for nothing else than for the sweet smell of plumeria carried across the island on the arms of the Trade Winds.


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Dogs (From front, left to right: Chaos, Louie, Korbin and Leon

I may mask my desires to spend time in Humboldt with the allure of the majestic redwoods, and the familiarity of the cold gray ocean, but the real appeal, that little something that I just can’t stay away from would be my four dogs, too old, or to attached to the fresh air, rain, and humidity less sunshine to survive the perilous journey across the pacific.


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There is nothing more comforting than knowing you have a place to come home to, and I’m fortunate enough to know that I always will. My home isn’t an apartment somewhere, or a cozy little cabin tucked back in the woods. It’s not a big house full of room mates, or a duplex on a military installation. It’s much bigger than that, it’s not a building, or a town, it’s a whole county, Humboldt County to be exact.

Humboldt County isn’t just a place; it’s a feeling, a passion kept alive by the people who’ve come to love it. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, and nestled in the redwood forests of Northern California, Humboldt is beautiful, serene, tranquil, a picture perfect post card of wilderness, and the late night fantasy of anyone who loves the outdoors.

Known for a subculture of beautiful plants that flower prosperously all year-round thanks to the over abundance of hydroponic and horticultural shops that litter its cities and towns. Humboldt is a wonderland for the College freshman looking for a chance to prove their independence by growing their hair long, and washing their jeans… well… “never”… The clean-cut suburban city kid can put prep schools and winter formals behind them for a chance to spend day after day eating brownies and contemplating the vast intrigues of a Grateful Dead poster. Don’t get me wrong, College in Humboldt is a wonderful nurturing place to come into your own and find out who you really are, but many young adults take a little bit of a smoke-filled detour on the way.

Humboldt is the place my life started, where I took my first breath, lost my first tooth, spoke my first word, got my first kiss, fell in love for the very first time. I’ve lost and gained all those things that make up a childhood in Humboldt, and it will always be my first love. From summer days spend lazing by a murky pond, to winter nights bundled up under the stars, there’s no place I’d rather call home, and though my life may take me away, I will always find comfort in knowing that whenever I choose she’ll be there with arms open waiting to pull me right back into the warm embrace that is knowing where you come from, and where you belong.

“Humboldt is like a sweet kiss on a rainy day, you never know where it might lead, but you’re glad to be with the one you love”


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