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Clinging leaves of willow trees twist slowly round and round

As purple flowers give up their towers bowing for the ground

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Calm seduction broken by the sounds of my laughter

An uncomfortable cough as our champagne toast takes a wrong turn

I love you today more than I loved you yesterday

But as our heads knock together you can see my grace hasn’t change

Cold hands on ticklish places

Kisses on my collar bone

When passion turns to uncontrollable laughter

And laughter turns to happy tears

We’ve made our romance

Unconventional romance… at it’s very… very  BEST

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As the gears of watches grind

Ticking time away

Could we save those moments

Could we save each chime

Cease the ticking

End the tocking

How do we make it stop

By holding time so close’our hearts

The hands begin to drop


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