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It’s good to have a vice. Something you can do that you probably shouldn’t. Those moments you take for yourself that may not be the best for your body, but feel so good on your soul.

Pineapple and chocolate shisha (Hookah tobacco) swirled together in smoky goodness, pulled through ice cold water and deep into my lungs. I hold my breath for a second and feel my heart beat slow in my chest as I blow the smoke from my body I watch it curl and dance in the currents of the rainy evening air. I’d never have smoked anything in my life if it weren’t for my fascination with the thick clouds of smoke escaping my breath right before my eyes. Breathing is something that must be done, but not until that oxygen is laced with the fog of burnt leaves do you really begin to understand just how your breath travels as it warms in your chest and you release it into the air.

Guilt….  I suppose that’s why they call it a guilty pleasure… Now it’s off to drink a few glasses of cool water pop a couple vitamins and apologize to my body for treating it poorly…

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