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My little SweetPea loves the outdoors. Now I must say “loves” doesn’t quite do justice to my daughters feeling about the outdoors, so let’s see if I can help you understand….

Imagine the biggest meltdown your child ever had pre six months of age, tears running down their face, skin bright red and blotchy as screams turn silent with intensity. Your pulse quickens as your heart hastily prompts your head to find a soothing answer, singing, rocking, hushing, a toy distraction… nothing works and the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness as you watch your baby’s sadness consume them begins to rip at your heart…

… so I walk outside.

And this little person in my arms instantly morphs from an unrecognizable bundle of unhappiness to a glowing ray of sunshine, head held high, mouth agape as goos and awes of delight float freely from her big gummy smile. There’s no other way to describe it than the miracle of the earth.

Once her love of nature had been discovered naturally we took her camping, and perched high on a hill lain on a blanket in the shade she played and laughed as goats walked by and the earth enveloped her ever sense as my doting gaze was held in rapture witnessing her embody happiness itself… and I couldn’t help but soak up some of those extra rays of sunshine and bask in her overflowing delight.

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A blackened Iris begins to decay against the cold winter soil, while deep bellow tiny green shoots wait to make the break for Spring.


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I spend a lot of time thinking about parenting, thinking about the best possible way to be the best possible mother I can be. I’ve chosen a much more natural version of parenting than is commonly seen in America, but I feel confident in it all the same. Parenting is something that should be done from the heart, and the decisions you make for your child should be the kind of decisions you can stand behind.

I am a strong believer in parenting from the heart. As a human female I already posses all the tools I need to take care of my new baby strictly based on instincts alone, but we live in a modern society where we’ve out thought our basic human instincts, and for the sake of living in a modern world some adjustments must be made, but those adjustments don’t have to compromise my values, and whether it’s to my benefit or detriment  as a mother the abundance of commerce in today’s world has made so many choices available when it comes to the quality of products I can choose to put on and near my child.

We’ve chosen to cloth diapers our baby for comfort and to minimize our contribution to the already overflowing landfills on this planet, but my main motivation for them is because it’s what I’d rather wear, and if put into my little Sweet Pea’s shoes (well… booties?) it’s no questions that I’d rather have some nice soft fabric against my new to the world heiny than some chemically conspicuous plastic disposable against my fresh young skin, and that’s just what seems most “natural” to us, so it’s what we do.

Together my Husband and I have made the choice to raise our daughter as naturally as possible, and by naturally I don’t mean keeping EVERYTHING 100% organic and chemical free (Though a lot of things we use are) I mean naturally in terms of our Nature.  Following our instincts as human beings, and doing what comes most simply to us as her parents.

I apply the same general theory to all of my parenting concepts; I simply ask myself “If I were a brand new baby-person in this world, what would make me the most comfortable and secure?” and then I do it. Now it may not always work, or it may not be the correct answer for the situation, but in order to find good solutions and create good practices as a parent you have to start somewhere, and where better to start than to look inside yourself and do for your baby what you would want done for you.

I will make so many mistakes because parents… no… people make mistakes, lots and lots of mistakes, but mistakes made out of love and an attempt to do the best things possible are the kind of mistakes you should (and can) be proud of. So as I embark on my journey into the unknown world of parenting I am grateful to know that I do not stand alone, but that the knowledge of those who came before me rests somewhere in my DNA, and the knowledge of those who come with me rests right here… on the internet.

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Crazy happy dirt road doggies.


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Clinging leaves of willow trees twist slowly round and round

As purple flowers give up their towers bowing for the ground

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Well…. We finally did it. It was a long and grueling process, starting with an emergency flight to San Francisco two weeks earlier than scheduled to be with a family member in the ICU at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, and almost ended two weeks later as I watched my husband’s plane almost land at the Crescent City airport, but do to the “Fog” he was rerouted to Redding to wait it out and refuel. Three hours later the fog parted and the plane landed safely on a clear sunny runway, and he emerged a civilian for the fist time in 4 years.

We made our way to my parent’s rural Humboldt property and there we have remained surrounded by the beautiful hills and mountains I grew up in, the streams and valleys of my childhood, loving dogs, friendly goats, dear, squirrels…. and cows

Something I hadn’t expected to witness (and silly me for not expecting it, it happens every year) were cows, big fat black and brown escapees from the ranch lands on the other side of the valley.  When I saw the first sign of there passing through it was already to late, my yellow retriever cross had caught a whiff of the fresh steaming cow booty biscuits and was happily striping himself from ear to tail before I even got the chance to tell him different.

I looked around for the culprits, and there just on the other side of the meadow was the guilty party peering sheepishly over the rise of grass they’d attempted to hide themselves behind.

So back to the house we went, my fearless puppy doused in his favorite flavor of Ode de Excrement. Little denounce to him that with each step he got closer to a cold bath with the garden hose.


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The railing of a lonely highway long forgotten by automobile-clad industrialist is quickly reclaimed by the dense rainforests it was once so brutally placed upon.

There is a constant battle between Concrete and Jungle. Landscape and maintenance companies work over-time cutting and thrashing against the wild vines of the tropical wilderness only to find them creeping up the sign posts and inching across the roadways every time they turn their backs.

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