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Sometimes… well a lot of the time in photography things just don’t quite come out the way you wanted them too, but if you’re lucky and your intentions are pure and the subject of your photos really makes you happy then even a photograph that’s not quite as sharp as you’d wanted can be  a beautiful piece of inspiration for your soul.

This set of bathing bird photos are my absolute favorites. I’d thought about photographing a bird in this bird bath for years, and when I finally got the chance it didn’t matter that the light was off or the bird was slightly out of focus, what mattered was that I was there and I got the shot, and every time I look at those little water droplets flying in the air my heart sings and I can’t help but smile. Which by my definition makes it a perfect picture.

This beautiful mosaic birdbath was created by Monica Schill over at Encased in Concrete! Be sure to check her out.

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Ocean rocks mosaiced with orange and purple Star fish commanded by the sea to charm and intrigue those who breathe from the sky, leaving them peering through the cool glassy surface of the ocean waves always wondering for the depths that lie bellow.

A star fish reveals the delicate dance of little legs as it works its way across the smooth glass of an aquarium tank.


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