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Living Small and the Sex Questions, a post about how cosleeping parentst still get it on | indiasroses.com

There is a question, a strange, forward, blunt, probably socially unacceptable (though that doesn’t bother me because I think more people should feel comfortable asking and answering questions about sex) question that I have been asked a lot, and I feel I should answer that question here for the masses to maybe clear up a little gray area in the whole “Attachment Parenting, Closer Living” world.

So I will answer the “sex question” because like I said I get asked the “sex question”… a lot, by people I know, people I’ve just met, and complete strangers, so it must be a pretty big wonder out there among none bed/room sharing parents. That question being…

“How do you have sex?” (You might not want to read this part Mom and Dad)

First off I think the question is poorly phrased because if people are really asking me the “Hows” of sex they need a lot more explaining than I’m going to do here, though sometimes I am tempted to be a little snarky and give them a 5th grade sex education answer.

Really the better question is “When do you have sex?” or “Where do you have sex?” and the answers are really rather simple… Whenever…. and Wherever… Now don’t get me wrong we’re not out having sex in public rest rooms or pulled over on the side of the road in our car, we’ve outgrown that (For the moment). We just keep it simple and use the moments that are given to us. When the kid is asleep for instance is a wonderful “When” and for the “Where” well… There’s “Everywhere”. So we just throw down a blanket and use the couch or floor, or we head to the shower. The possibilities are endless and the creativity level needed can be as simple or complex as you like.

Another great “When” is the TV “When”. When is comes to media and letting your children watch television I think that in the realm of reasons for a little screen time being able to get a some one on one with your partner is by far the very best reason in the entire world to let you child watch a half hour of educational television, and the perks of this situation if you’re the conventional type are… you can use the bed, and 30 minutes later your whole family is happier it’s a win win.

Making time to connect on a physical level after having children is so incredibly important for the health of a relationship, and in our home where all the space is shared space sometimes it takes a little extra creativity to find the time and the place, but in the end there’s always a way.

As always thank you for reading and please feel free to comment and/or ask questions.

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My Parents have been together for 25 years today, and they’re still in love.

Still so in love that they can occasionally gross out their 21 year old daughter by holding each other close, staring deeply into the familiarity of their partners eyes… and for lack of a more dignified adult word… making out!

I love you both so much! and I can only hope to still be grossing my children out 24 years and 4 months from now!

Thank you so much for teaching me about love and marriage, and being one of the few remaining examples of how both can work in the world we live in today!

I Love You.


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In my life I only plan to marry one man… but I’ve never said how many times…

I knew I was in love with Travis after one day, and I knew I wanted to marry him within a week. Friends for years, we’d just never had the best timing. That is… until we did. When our time did come, it was effortless, like singing along to your favorite song on the radio, we both knew all the words and they flowed freely from our souls as the melody softly echoed through our hearts.

He proposed on the 4th of July, as the fireworks were coming to an end, and I was so surprised by his timing that I forgot to say “yes”.

We wanted to be married in front of all our friends and family, the people who shaped our lives and gave us the love and support we needed to get to where we are today, but a big wedding takes lots of planning, and we just couldn’t wait.

We were married on September 15th in a small secretive ceremony, attended only by our mothers, fathers, and my very best friend. It was a beautiful day, and we were joined together overlooking the ocean under the shade of an evergreen as the sun warmed the earth that surrounded us. We traded stones from our homes for stones from this special place, in hope of always having a piece of the land where we were first bound together.

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And for three months we didn’t speak a word of our common last name.

On December 19th we were married again. This time surrounded by our friends and family, in the warmth of a beautiful historic Inn brimming with Christmas trees and twinkle lights. Poinsettias and fir bows lined the stairs and banisters. The room was alive with the love, and hope each guest reflected as they greeted us with warm embraces and tender smiles. We stood before our loved ones, the smell of Christmas trees and perfume drifting through the air as the harpist brought the music to a close. We poured each other glasses of water gathered from the river of our childhoods, and drank from those glasses to symbolize the merging of two streams into one. We held hands and made promises to one another, as our friends and family held hands and made promises to us.

Eyelight Photography

I never thought I’d be married more than once, Let alone more than once in a single year, but I was, and each of those weddings, each ceremony, and each set of vows just strengthened our love and brought us closer together.

I know that having two weddings may have been a bit overkill, and that our first ceremony was more than enough, but from all the planning, fussing and fretting I found myself standing in front of one man, two times, as he pledged his love to me and I pledged my love to him, and when hard times come… which they will… We’ll always have those moments to look back on, and in looking back we’ll be able to remember that we were just crazy enough about each other to get married twice.

To Read our vows please visit Redheaded Blackbelt

“I love you times a Million and Five plus a Cow, and a Squirrel”


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