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f/3.5 – exp 1/40 sec – ISO 1600

Dark to light, photographing a culvert from within. Makes me think of what it’d be like to be inside a gun barrel. The camera settings above are a wonderful place to start when photographing light from darkness.

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f/5.6 – 1/80 sec – ISO-400


The lamp on my bedside table. I love how you can almost feel the heat coming from the bulb, and these settings are perfect for capturing light without loosing definition.

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f/11 – Exposure 1/100 sec – ISO 200

I find light so extremely beautiful and sometimes when I see a reflection I prefer to view it out of focus instead of in focus, so by finding a photo frame with lots of reflected light and turning the focus nob away from focus and into a blur you catch the beauty of the light without distracting the viewer with focused content. Try it! You’ll be happy you did.


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Bamboo Silhouetted in the evening sun. These photos were not taken in black and white. The camera settings I used aimed strait at the sun allowed me the opportunity to capture a perfect silhouette.

F/14 – Exposure 1/640 sec – ISO-100

F/14 – Exposure 1/640 sec – ISO-100

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f/20 – exposure: 2sec – ISO-100

A very Happy Halloween Eve to you all! Have a Wonderful Halloween tomorrow! And if you’re looking for a scary story to share check out the Witch’s Tree.

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f/7.1 – Exposure: 10 sec – ISO-100

f/14 – Exposure: 20 sec – ISO-100

Want to make your own glowing jars? Maybe for Halloween? check out this  DIY Glow Jar Tutorial at Intimate Weddings.

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Blorps of Green wax lazily drift through a hot water glaze.


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