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f/8 – exposure 1/2000 sec – ISO 400

Flamingos at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, CA.

f/8 – exposure 1/2000 sec – ISO 400

The zoo is a wonderful local resource with lots of opportunities for learning and fun.

f/8 – exposure 1/2000 sec – ISO 320

Photographing birds with lots of light and a fast shutter speed allowed me the ability to capture the detail of the Flamingos feathers. A small aperture helps hold onto a vibrant moment of clarity surrounded by a blurred backdrop to bring all the attention to what is most important in the photograph.  Under each photo are the camera settings that I used to achieve the desired affect.

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I know…. I’m a bad bad Blogger.

But in all fairness I have been practically comatose for the last few months; either that or spending my morning dry heaving over the toilet… happily of course.

Excuses aside…

I’m gonna have to change the header on my blog soon because this Humboldt Girl is heading home… For Good! My Hubby and I have decided that the best thing for us and our little Sweet Pea is to move back to the place I/we love and raise our family Together. So back to the majestic hills of Humboldt we head. Only six more weeks to go.

Thank you. please feel free to comment


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