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Dew drops cling to Plumeria blossoms, lining  grasses like little bits of forgotten confetti on the 2nd of May, as the air is warmed with the sweet titillating fragrance of Plumeria. It dances across the wind like thick tendrils of smoke emanating from a burning stick of incense swept up by the currents of a room.

Spring has arrived in Hawaii! My living in a tropical climate has taught me that it takes a little better tuned senses to realize the arrival of a new season. It’s not quite as easy as it used to be back before I found myself on this heat infused island. The first day of spring was always the first day you could go outside without a sweater, the first day you could feel the sun as it warms your skin and intoxicates your very soul with each heat soaked ray. When everything begins to turn green and once again the meadows and forests were alive with the movement of all the little creatures that had been hiding from the cold icy hands of the post autumn freeze.

The first sign of Hawaiian spring was the fledglings, little half feathered baby birds on their first trips out into the world and away from the nest. We were lucky enough to be graced with two little overnight guests roosted on a rock in our back yard after being fed and tucked in for the night by their mother and father, they were left to dream little bird dreams until the morning came and they were called away to hop about the fields in search of mangoes, and early worms.

The second sign of Hawaiian Spring was the flowers. Now don’t get me wrong there are always tons of flowers all year long, but this… this is ridiculous! It’s as if every tree on island has exploded into rainbow colored fireworks covering every branch with blossoms and sprinkling the ground with little fragrant bits of shrapnel.

My time in Hawaii is winding down, less than five months until I’m given the option to choose (my) Humboldt for good. I do miss my home. The place I came from, and all the people (and animals) that make up my family, the cold Gray beaches framed by towering redwoods, the community based cultures and the flower based subcultures, sweltering dry summer days spend splashing in the cool waters of the Eel river, seeing my best friend a hand full of times in a week, the fresh mountain air, and the unforgettable undeniable sense of knowing that this is the place you belong, but all of that aside. I will miss Hawaii, if for nothing else than for the sweet smell of plumeria carried across the island on the arms of the Trade Winds.


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I’m a fan of dirt, as a person who spent their childhood growing up in the country I pretty much had to be. There’s just something about it, something about the way it feels on my hands pressed deep beneath my finger nails defining the textures of my skin. It just feels good… feels right. Like holding a piece of the world in my hands, the real world, the natural world. With all the concrete and cement, tile floors and second story bedrooms I forget how rare it can be to actually touch the earth. To feel it… Skin to Nature… Nature to Skin…

So I plant. In my Tropical Suburban paradise I plant, one single terracotta pot, a small confinement of a little piece of nature, a pledge to not only live on this earth, but to try to remember to be a part of it as well.

So now I share it with you. My dirty nails typing away at clean electronics… This is my first Dirty Nail Blog!

…Now to get started…

.Potting soil.plants.terracotta pot.

.A few rocks to line the bottom(so all the dirt wont fall out the hole) and several inches of potting soil.

.Marigolds are some of my favorite garden flowers and they should stand tall against the wickedness of the slugs.

.Their roots are overgrown and ready to stretch each little cramped tendril into the expanses of rich fresh soil.

.Plant tags to be filed away for future reference.

.Arranged and waiting to be permanently placed.

.Lots of water to soak the soil and make all those constricted little roots grow.


Well not really THE END, only the beginning. With a little love and some Hawaiian luck my plants will flourish and grow encouraging me to expand and to always remember that the earth is home to all of us… and sometime it’s nice to take a moment and just go home…


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