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Today my sweet little SweetPea dropped her first sign. There she was laying on her changing table getting her pants put back on and she was doing this funny little grabbing motion with her hand opening and closing her fingers into a fist, and it dawned on me… she was signing MILK.

I immediately removed her from the table and offered her the breast. She happily latched on and nursed for a while happily signing milk as she drank. When she was finished I set her on the floor and she played for a few minutes before signing “milk” again. I wanted to reward her positively so I placed her at the breast once again. She took a few pulls and happily looked up at me before squirming back to the floor. I think we had about 15 little booby snacks today, which is a bit excessive for just taking a drink, but we both had lots of fun with it.

The funniest thing is I’m an awful sign language teacher. I remember to sign to her about once every twenty times we do something, but she still picked it up, and at 6 months old she is able to sign milk and convey hunger, which is just amazing!

Thanks so much for reading!

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