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f/8 – exposure 1/2000 sec – ISO 400

Flamingos at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, CA.

f/8 – exposure 1/2000 sec – ISO 400

The zoo is a wonderful local resource with lots of opportunities for learning and fun.

f/8 – exposure 1/2000 sec – ISO 320

Photographing birds with lots of light and a fast shutter speed allowed me the ability to capture the detail of the Flamingos feathers. A small aperture helps hold onto a vibrant moment of clarity surrounded by a blurred backdrop to bring all the attention to what is most important in the photograph.  Under each photo are the camera settings that I used to achieve the desired affect.

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*f/14 – exposure 1/100 – ISO 100

No matter where you live there’s always thing to do and adventures to go on if you look hard enough. Living in the Northernmost part of California(five hours further north than San Fransisco) we are blessed with an abundance of outdoor adventure locations, whether it be for a leisurely walk or a intense kayaking/rock climbing/mountain biking experience there is no limit to the beautiful places and winding trails you can find.

This last weekend we took a little trip to one of our favorite hiking locations the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge located on Highway 101 about 10 minutes South of Eureka it’s a wonderful place for walking with children and spotting lots of wildlife. The trail is about a mile long and flat the entire way which is a big bonus when we take SweetPea(19m) hiking. During migration season the refuge is full of majestic geese, swans and grebes, but during the off season you mainly just see a lot of beautiful land and some seagulls, but it was a great time none the less.

The journal/comment box at the end of the trail.

*These are great setting to start with when photographing the sun reflecting brightly off of water with a dark background.

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