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My little SweetPea loves the outdoors. Now I must say “loves” doesn’t quite do justice to my daughters feeling about the outdoors, so let’s see if I can help you understand….

Imagine the biggest meltdown your child ever had pre six months of age, tears running down their face, skin bright red and blotchy as screams turn silent with intensity. Your pulse quickens as your heart hastily prompts your head to find a soothing answer, singing, rocking, hushing, a toy distraction… nothing works and the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness as you watch your baby’s sadness consume them begins to rip at your heart…

… so I walk outside.

And this little person in my arms instantly morphs from an unrecognizable bundle of unhappiness to a glowing ray of sunshine, head held high, mouth agape as goos and awes of delight float freely from her big gummy smile. There’s no other way to describe it than the miracle of the earth.

Once her love of nature had been discovered naturally we took her camping, and perched high on a hill lain on a blanket in the shade she played and laughed as goats walked by and the earth enveloped her ever sense as my doting gaze was held in rapture witnessing her embody happiness itself… and I couldn’t help but soak up some of those extra rays of sunshine and bask in her overflowing delight.

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I grew up “back woods” Country. Kerosene lamp, outhouse, no neighbors for miles Country, and every time I ever complained about any of it I was met with the same response… well two of the same responses… The first being some form of “you have to do it because you’re the child” and the second being because “it builds character”. Now if opening four gates to get to school and four gates to get back home builds character, I should now have enough character to put on a one woman production of A Midsummer Nights Dream where I play all the parts, the backdrop, and each and every minuscule prop.

The locked gate – a common sight on country roads

In all my years of “country living” nothing has said character building like being eight years old and handed a shove and a roll of toilet paper as I was pushed out the door and pointed in the general direction of some nearby foliage, but the real kicker, the part that just makes me cringe every time I look back is the image of our black border collie mix with two feet of clearly soiled toilet paper streaming from her dirt caked muzzle as she happily ran out into the surrounding grasses to devour her prize…

As I sit in front of my computer during the last few days of my latest visit to Humboldt I can’t help but reminisce, and when I do think back to my childhood and the way I grew up, it’s the moments I didn’t choose, and the things I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do or see that stand out the most, and I’m Grateful for everyone of them no matter how inconvenient or unpleasant they were because those are the moments that built my character, and made me everything I am today.


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Dogs (From front, left to right: Chaos, Louie, Korbin and Leon

I may mask my desires to spend time in Humboldt with the allure of the majestic redwoods, and the familiarity of the cold gray ocean, but the real appeal, that little something that I just can’t stay away from would be my four dogs, too old, or to attached to the fresh air, rain, and humidity less sunshine to survive the perilous journey across the pacific.


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