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He sits helplessly on the ground staring up at the apple thief as it devours its plunder in a near by fir tree. Our poor dog Leon can do nothing to protect the fruits of the family orchard and is left to watch as bits of forgotten apple are dropped carelessly from the branches above. He’s a good guard dog but there is nothing he can do to protect us from the delicate pilfering of a crafty local squirrel.

And on a completely unrelated note: This week we enjoyed Pork and Lentil Stew out of my new crock pot (who’s name is Jasper). I left out the parsnips because I didn’t have any, and substituted a jar of spaghetti sauce for the tomatoes and it turned out wonderfully!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Is it really November already?

It feels like 2011 just started, and here we are less than two months from New Years Day.

I can hardly believe it!

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas, and what gifts I’m going to give. I prefer not to spend a whole lot of money if I don’t have to, and if I can get away with making someone their gift that’s even better! But I must say I am a strong believer in only giving handmade gifts if the person is really going to like it. Because otherwise you’re working hard to make something that’s just going to be stowed away and forgotten.

I was recently turned on to this wonderful blog called The Daily Telegraph and this great post about things to do with plastic animals really struck my fancy. There’s one piece in particular where she uses the heads of decapitated plastic animals to make jewelry hooks and I can’t wait to make my own! View that post here.

About a week ago I wanted to surprise my husband with his favorite cookies so I whipped up these super yummy Chocolate Dipped Orange Sugar Cookies I came up with last year! They are really good and can be made with Oranges, Lemons, Limes or even Grapefruit!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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I started a baby journal when I first learned I was pregnant. It was short lived and only has a few entries, but I found it today and wanted to share some of the words I wrote to her with all of you.

August 11th, 2010 – 12weeks 5days

Dear Baby,

The things I find myself wanting from life are so very different than they used to be. I no longer feel the need for a large house and a new car, but I instead long for experiences with you and your Father; a small cabin in the woods with a dog and a goat, watching bugs crawl across the floor in the living room with you and I giggling together as our puppy tries to eat them up, playing outside and teaching you about nature, mud pies and flower cakes, fresh veggies and the smell of ripe blackberries in the sun, cold rainy days spend by the fire reading books and playing games with you and your Daddy, being happy just to be alive and near the ones I love. What sweet happiness one could have with so very little.

Sometimes it’s nice to look back and be reminded of the things that were most important. I’d forgotten how deeply I felt about just having the simple things in life, and enjoying the moments made with my family over the things I can(or can’t) buy at the store. Today I am grateful for the things I have, and that’s a wonderful way to start the day!

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Crazy happy dirt road doggies.


Thank you.


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Well…. We finally did it. It was a long and grueling process, starting with an emergency flight to San Francisco two weeks earlier than scheduled to be with a family member in the ICU at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, and almost ended two weeks later as I watched my husband’s plane almost land at the Crescent City airport, but do to the “Fog” he was rerouted to Redding to wait it out and refuel. Three hours later the fog parted and the plane landed safely on a clear sunny runway, and he emerged a civilian for the fist time in 4 years.

We made our way to my parent’s rural Humboldt property and there we have remained surrounded by the beautiful hills and mountains I grew up in, the streams and valleys of my childhood, loving dogs, friendly goats, dear, squirrels…. and cows

Something I hadn’t expected to witness (and silly me for not expecting it, it happens every year) were cows, big fat black and brown escapees from the ranch lands on the other side of the valley.  When I saw the first sign of there passing through it was already to late, my yellow retriever cross had caught a whiff of the fresh steaming cow booty biscuits and was happily striping himself from ear to tail before I even got the chance to tell him different.

I looked around for the culprits, and there just on the other side of the meadow was the guilty party peering sheepishly over the rise of grass they’d attempted to hide themselves behind.

So back to the house we went, my fearless puppy doused in his favorite flavor of Ode de Excrement. Little denounce to him that with each step he got closer to a cold bath with the garden hose.


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Korbin Dallas, Louie, Leon, Chaos(1996-2010)

I’ve only spent 8 years of my 21 without you

When you popped out of that box on my sisters 15th birthday you became my best friend

We’ve been to war together, fought dragons, and armies of elves, sailed across the ocean to visit far away lands, and jumped rock to rock to stay out of the lava. You were the headlining act in my one child circus when I discovered how gracefully you’d jump through an old hula hoop as long as I held a treat on the other side

I used to cuddle up next to you in your dog house and secretly whisper to you my hopes and dreams

You protected me, and sat with me when I was sad

I loved you from the second we picked you out, and you loved me as I grew from an adventurous child to a neglectful teenager and as I moved away and became a busy adult, but you were always there, every holiday, every visit home you’d bark happily at the gate. When my car pulled up you’d run and jump your way to me as if I’d never been gone.

And we’d play. Even as you got into your later years you still loved to play. I’d throw that Tennis ball as far as I could down that old dirt driveway, and you’d still bring it back ever time, and stare at me until I threw it again.

Two days before my wedding I sat with you on the front porch of my parent’s house and you comforted me with your love and attentions you let me know everything was going to work out all right, and I told you I loved you with an extra long scratch behind the ears

I love you Chaos, My life would never have been the same without, and I miss you

Good Dog

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Dogs (From front, left to right: Chaos, Louie, Korbin and Leon

I may mask my desires to spend time in Humboldt with the allure of the majestic redwoods, and the familiarity of the cold gray ocean, but the real appeal, that little something that I just can’t stay away from would be my four dogs, too old, or to attached to the fresh air, rain, and humidity less sunshine to survive the perilous journey across the pacific.


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