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This is my couch.

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I’m one of those people who likes things relatively neat and tidy. In the morning I  wake up get my Hubby off to work and straiten the house; make the bed, fix the couch, pick up the toys that kind of thing.

So this morning as I was getting around to my weekly vacuuming I decided to build a little fort out of the couch cushions for my SweetPea. She loved it but I kind of wish I would have let them be, because now I know of the unspeakable things living under the cushions in a house with a toddler.

I never in all my years of being responsible for the cleanliness of a house have had to Vacuum underneath the couch cushions! It seems absurd, but now as the mother of a lovely little toddling person I find myself vacuuming the couch once a week and regardless of not letting her eat snacks while sitting on it I still find crackers, cheese, and bits of smushed blueberry in its squishy depths

There is no photographic evidence of the blueberry because I cleaned it up immediately instead of photographing it first, but next time I’ll get it for sure.

What sort of messes do your children make?

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Tea and Hot Chocolate for two.

I’m a Chilly Foggy Mornings, Freezing Foggy Evenings Humboldt girl through and through.  So there’s nothing I enjoy more than cranking the air conditioner up in my Honolulu home, wrapping myself in a warm blanket, putting in a movie, snuggling up on the couch with something toasty warm to drink, and pretending just for a moment that I’m back home in my parent’s log cabin with my puppies passed out at my feet, and the soothing sounds of the wind and the rain working together as they wash the world clean.


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