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I’ve been feeling really homey this week and decided I was do for some time in the kitchen, I found a recipe for these wonderful Spinach and Cheese Muffins over at My Kitchen Experiments and they were just delicious! So moist and savory with just a hint of cayenne pepper which adds such lovely warmth.

On a Sweeter note I found the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake Recipe from Cupcake Project and it is AMAZING! I’ve never had a lot of success with making cake from scratch; It always comes out really dry or tasting of flour, but this recipe is super easy and the cupcakes came out perfect on my first try!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Mamma Foot, SweetPea Foot, Daddy Foot

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Cloth Diaper Giveaway! Via random number generator I selected the winners.

and the winners are…

Lisa – from Cloth Diaper Contests and Giveaways


Victoria D.

I will be sending the winners an email today to get their mailing information.

Thanks again everyone!

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Brilliant splashes of light grace the Waikiki sky line flooding the shores with flashing colors in honor of the first night of every weekend.

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As the sun sets over the Pacific kite-surfer’s day burnt faces radiate with satisfaction as they reel in their wind catchers before the dwindling lights sink bellow the horizon.

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Dew drops cling to Plumeria blossoms, lining  grasses like little bits of forgotten confetti on the 2nd of May, as the air is warmed with the sweet titillating fragrance of Plumeria. It dances across the wind like thick tendrils of smoke emanating from a burning stick of incense swept up by the currents of a room.

Spring has arrived in Hawaii! My living in a tropical climate has taught me that it takes a little better tuned senses to realize the arrival of a new season. It’s not quite as easy as it used to be back before I found myself on this heat infused island. The first day of spring was always the first day you could go outside without a sweater, the first day you could feel the sun as it warms your skin and intoxicates your very soul with each heat soaked ray. When everything begins to turn green and once again the meadows and forests were alive with the movement of all the little creatures that had been hiding from the cold icy hands of the post autumn freeze.

The first sign of Hawaiian spring was the fledglings, little half feathered baby birds on their first trips out into the world and away from the nest. We were lucky enough to be graced with two little overnight guests roosted on a rock in our back yard after being fed and tucked in for the night by their mother and father, they were left to dream little bird dreams until the morning came and they were called away to hop about the fields in search of mangoes, and early worms.

The second sign of Hawaiian Spring was the flowers. Now don’t get me wrong there are always tons of flowers all year long, but this… this is ridiculous! It’s as if every tree on island has exploded into rainbow colored fireworks covering every branch with blossoms and sprinkling the ground with little fragrant bits of shrapnel.

My time in Hawaii is winding down, less than five months until I’m given the option to choose (my) Humboldt for good. I do miss my home. The place I came from, and all the people (and animals) that make up my family, the cold Gray beaches framed by towering redwoods, the community based cultures and the flower based subcultures, sweltering dry summer days spend splashing in the cool waters of the Eel river, seeing my best friend a hand full of times in a week, the fresh mountain air, and the unforgettable undeniable sense of knowing that this is the place you belong, but all of that aside. I will miss Hawaii, if for nothing else than for the sweet smell of plumeria carried across the island on the arms of the Trade Winds.


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Dusk brakes through the storm clouds onto the waters of Waikiki Beach.


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In my life I only plan to marry one man… but I’ve never said how many times…

I knew I was in love with Travis after one day, and I knew I wanted to marry him within a week. Friends for years, we’d just never had the best timing. That is… until we did. When our time did come, it was effortless, like singing along to your favorite song on the radio, we both knew all the words and they flowed freely from our souls as the melody softly echoed through our hearts.

He proposed on the 4th of July, as the fireworks were coming to an end, and I was so surprised by his timing that I forgot to say “yes”.

We wanted to be married in front of all our friends and family, the people who shaped our lives and gave us the love and support we needed to get to where we are today, but a big wedding takes lots of planning, and we just couldn’t wait.

We were married on September 15th in a small secretive ceremony, attended only by our mothers, fathers, and my very best friend. It was a beautiful day, and we were joined together overlooking the ocean under the shade of an evergreen as the sun warmed the earth that surrounded us. We traded stones from our homes for stones from this special place, in hope of always having a piece of the land where we were first bound together.

Eyelight Photography

And for three months we didn’t speak a word of our common last name.

On December 19th we were married again. This time surrounded by our friends and family, in the warmth of a beautiful historic Inn brimming with Christmas trees and twinkle lights. Poinsettias and fir bows lined the stairs and banisters. The room was alive with the love, and hope each guest reflected as they greeted us with warm embraces and tender smiles. We stood before our loved ones, the smell of Christmas trees and perfume drifting through the air as the harpist brought the music to a close. We poured each other glasses of water gathered from the river of our childhoods, and drank from those glasses to symbolize the merging of two streams into one. We held hands and made promises to one another, as our friends and family held hands and made promises to us.

Eyelight Photography

I never thought I’d be married more than once, Let alone more than once in a single year, but I was, and each of those weddings, each ceremony, and each set of vows just strengthened our love and brought us closer together.

I know that having two weddings may have been a bit overkill, and that our first ceremony was more than enough, but from all the planning, fussing and fretting I found myself standing in front of one man, two times, as he pledged his love to me and I pledged my love to him, and when hard times come… which they will… We’ll always have those moments to look back on, and in looking back we’ll be able to remember that we were just crazy enough about each other to get married twice.

To Read our vows please visit Redheaded Blackbelt

“I love you times a Million and Five plus a Cow, and a Squirrel”


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