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Why… Oh Why… Do I always book the redeye?

This is the thought that I ponder as I stuff rolled up pairs of jeans and vitamin supplements into my big red travel case. “Why?” I say.

It always seems like a good idea. We can leave after my husband gets off work making the most of the vacation time. We’ll get to Humboldt with time for breakfast with whoever retrieves us from the airport. I can sleep on the plane which will be just like getting a restful nights sleep in my bed at home… right?

WRONG… This is where I’m always wrong. I have this delusion that I’m gonna be able to sleep on the plane. That for some reason this time… unlike the 50 times before… I’m just gonna plop down in my seat close my eyes and drift off into a peaceful sleep surrounded by strangers breathing recycled air, then I’m gonna wake up 5 hours later at SFO and it’s only gonna seem as if it took 5 minutes to get there…

Hahahahaha… doubtful. Now I’m not gonna say it’s not possible, because I suppose it could be “possible”, but it’s sure as hell not likely. I can never sleep when I fly, there’s always something, and when I do nod off I never get past that stage right before restful sleep… It’s almost like being stuck in a deep meditation… except its not peaceful or restful and time doesn’t pass much faster…

But I do get to fly with my husband instead of by myself which is exciting because besides having the company it means he’s accompanying me on vacation which I LOVE! And in only 5 short hours we’ll be in California and then it’s just a puddle jump to Humboldt for breakfast with my parents!

Who needs sleep when you’ve got love and family?

And three puppies waiting at home?

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I recently held a Pole on my blog to decide which version of a photograph was best to accompany a previous blog entitle 2,387 Miles.

And the results are…  23% of you believed that I should leave the photo as it was, an astounding 77% believed it was best after editing

23% as is                                                 77% with edit

A special thanks to everyone that participated, and the updated post can be seen by clicking RIGHT HERE


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I recently wrote a post entitled 2,387 Miles where I featured a photo of an airplane through the terminal window of San Francisco International. I got two different responses to this photo. One being that people loved it just as it was, and the second being that people thought it would be a better photo without the little white truck that appears in the middle of the left hand side. So I edited out the little truck, but I want you my readers to decide which photo should be featured in my previous blog.

With Little White Truck                                  Without Little White Truck


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San Fransisco International at 4:00am

Skimpily clad with only the weariest of redeye fearing travelers, SFO is mostly deserted during the early hours of this California morning. The walking dead roam the expanses cursing the quick stops, mini marts, and coffee joints for depriving them of their much needed caffeine and doughnut fixes as they wait impatiently for the doors to re-open at 5:00am.


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